water is growing more and more scarce in california because nestle is fucking bottling all of it and selling it. they are on a native american reservation which means they dont have to involve in the emergency water procedures that everyone else in california has to follow. nestle is literally creating these shortages and no one is doing anything to stop them. not only are they doing this to california, but also places where poverty is a major issue and they barely have water to begin with, they are doing this so that it doesnt seem as if they are adding to the problem and its the areas own problems (because they have had shortages beforehand) . now. why is it california has one of the largest fucking bottling plants, and people are ignoring that maybe the plant has something to do with it??? everything to do with it. KILL NESTLE KILLNESTLE

x x x

to push home how bad the water shortage is in cali there are literally towns where there’s no water. none at all. towns literally twenty minutes away from me and the taps are dry. no water at all. people bought bottled water to use for their toilets and to wash dishes, etc. it’s been bad. the drought has really hurt us. and nestle is fucking us over even more. fuck nestle honestly.

Big Agro and Oil are also major culprits in the drought right now. They’re going on using absurd amounts of Californian water as if there isn’t a drought.


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