Daredevil fanfic ideas/musing. 

1) Rule 63 Daredevil, aka Mary Murdock (because Mary as a name has such a presence within Christianity, right, and there’s at least as far as my researching has gone, there’s even a bit of a built-in dichotomy between Mary, mother of Jesus vs. Mary Magdalene, the reformed sinner) aka “How are you holding up?” “Like a good Catholic girl.” “That bad, huh?” 

2) Something in the way of “Responsible Science,” interconnected character driven stories that be read alone or together post season 1. One dealing with Matt’s senses, or  Matt somehow getting dosed with something that heightens his senses & not being able to deal with it, Foggy, Karen, Claire taking care of him; one dealing with Matt having to deal with a crime-scenario where he can’t reveal his Daredevil skills. (Preferably with Karen & Foggy having to save the day, non-superhero style.) 


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