Okay but.

Steve needs to have a Swear Jar and every time someone says a profanity in front of him, he just holds it out. The especially bad ones cost two dollars, don’t think Steve will let you get away with that. And this goes on for months and months and when Bucky starts coming around, he notices it. And he also notices how Steve doesn’t swear in front of any of the Avengers.

And when he gets Steve alone, he’s like, “what gives, you’ve got the worst mouth out of anyone I know.”

And Steve, with a perfectly innocent expression, says, “they made assumptions, Buck. I think those assumptions should at least buy a new bike, don’t you?”

And Bucky just stares at him, awed, like, “I forgot how fucking devious you are.”

Steve holds out the jar.

“That’ll be two dollars, Buck.”


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